I have always questioned β€œIs this really all there is?” A friend brought me to a meditation class about 10 years ago and I can now truly say meditation changed my life. I am a Reiki Master who also facilitates "Learn to Meditate" classes.



Learn to meditate with Valla and improve your mind, heart, and body. My classes are inclusive and open to people at any stage of their journey into meditation, whether it be beginners or pros. Meditation can help bring a huge transformation into your life towards joyful, health, and mindfulness.


Reiki & Crystal Healing 

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that traces back Buddhist culture in Japan during the 1800's. Since then, Reiki has spread to thousands of cultures across the globe. It has become a staple of supporting a truly holistic lifestyle.

The benefits of Reiki are endless. It is known to be a proven therapy option for people dealing with emotional, physical, and mental diseases of all kinds. Helping you healing quicker and more effectively, it helps you move towards a physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Reiki immediately promotes relaxation and peacefulness and also reduces stress.